Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nobody Expects The Kenya Inquisition

Everyone has heard about Reverend Thomas Muthee praying over Sarah Palin to protect her against witchcraft. And there has been a lot of print given to how he decided one woman was a witch who caused traffic accidents, had her pet snake shot, and chased her out of town.
Remember Ted Haggard? He was the Colorado Springs minister of the New Life Church, which he started in his basement. He was on a witch-hunt too, before he was defrocked for going to a male prostitute and using amphetamines.
He sent teams to pray in front of the homes of supposed witches—in one month, ten out of fifteen of his targets put their houses on the market. His congregation “prayer-walked” nearly every street of the city. Population boomed, crime dipped; Pastor Ted believes to this day that New Life helped chase the bad out of town.
What I think is good idea, is for Reverend Muthee and Reverend Haggard to get together, and form their version of Ghost Busters. How about Witch Busters? They can get the outfits at any costume store; I’ve seen them worn at Halloween. They can drive around in a Superior Cadillac, with “Who are you going to call? Witch Busters” blaring from the radio. Then, Muthee and Haggard can pull up to a house of a suspected witch, jump out and start their routine.

With the growing influence of these fundies, they’ll have a huge market.

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