Friday, August 7, 2009

I Love Birthers...

...they are the gift that keeps on giving.

How many birthers does it take to change a light bulb?
Ten. One to change the bulb, and nine to explain the conspiracy why the filament didn't last, because Obama and liberals sabotaged the factory.

What's the difference between a reptile and a birther?
One is hatched from eggs, eats insects, and sleeps under a rock.
The other is a reptile.

I can't listen to Rush Limbaugh. The string between the tin cans is broken.

Isn't it a shame how 99% of the birthers give the whole movement a bad name?

I had to take my birther neighbor to the hospital. He broke his leg when he tripped over his cordless phone.

Did you hear about the birther who refused to go to Canada, because he couldn't speak the language?

What does it say on the bottom of Coke bottles sold in red states? "Open other end"

How do you drive a birther mad? Put him in the Oval Office, and tell him the president's Kenyan birth certificate is hidden in the corner.

How do you tell who is the groom at a birther wedding? He's the guy wearing the clean wifebeater.

What's the solution to the birther problem? Live ammo for Civil War reenactments.

Why did the birther stare at the orange juice carton? Because it said "CONCENTRATE"

What's wrong with birther jokes? Birthers don't think they're funny, and other people don't think they're a joke.

How do birthers form a car pool? They meet at work.

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