Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Market America - Where's The Seal?

Market America? Market Artifice is here.
MA Threat or Menace? is here.
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This is a bottle of Costco vitamins with minerals. It costs $15.49 for a 500-day supply, which includes shipping and handling for those who want it mailed.

More importantly, it carries the USP seal.

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This is a bottle of Market America vitamins with minerals. It costs $54.00 for a 90-day supply. It does not carry the USP seal.

Why does MA refuse to submit their products for testing?

Some MA salespeople have told me the products are not submitted for testing, "because they cannot afford the costs."

MA mark-ups are like inkjet cartridges. The ink inside a cartridge has a wholesale cost of about 25¢. The cost to the public is about $8,000 per gallon. Both buy their products from a contract manufacturer.

MA is a cult of grifters.


Anonymous said...

I concur to everything that is written. I fell into the trap of MA, they are nothing, but a cult. Filled with a bunch of brainwashed hooligans that can't think for themselves and are very irrational and illogical idiots.

Anonymous said...

thank you for fighting for the truth! lots of lost souls of there being exploited. very difficult to get through to them.