Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rep. Jeff Duncan - Asshole of the Moment™

NYL is pleased to award its coveted Asshole of the Moment™ award to Rep. Jeff Duncan. Naturally, he is a Republican from South Carolina.

Duncan appeared on Rick Wiles radio program. Wiles is a professional rabble-rouser, who touts the usual RWNJ conspiracy pablum to a gullible audience, which eagerly laps up whatever is served by Wiles or Beck

Duncan jumped on the crazy train bandwagon, declaring "there you go; I'm all with you, so let's go back and revisit some of these things because Americans have questions about...the President's validity."

I had some questions about Presidential eligibility, and some questions about Rep. Duncan's ability to answer them. I sent this e-mail to Rep. Duncan on June 15, 2013:

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I got this reply. He got my gender wrong, too:

Duncan did not correct one of my blatantly un-Constitutional claims, which have been flying around the 'Net for years. In fact, he sympathized with me.


Mitch said...

Probably he didn't even see the letter, and someone on his staff just sent "the impeachment letter." Not to say they guy isn't an asshole..

Joe Speranzi said...

This is the same idiot who, during the Syria/Senate hearings, brought up Benghazzi and his assertion that the President somehow could have known and stopped the killing of four Americans. Instead of focusing on the Syrian issue, he's tea-partying his way to a completely, non-related matter.

Mr. Foster said...

I happen to be close friends with Mr. Duncan (Mostly his son) and just because you disagree with him, doesn't mean that he is an asshole. For example, I disagree with your statement that he is an asshole, yet I do not think that you are an asshole for insulting one of my closest friend's dad. You are certainly a mudslinger for someone who is a "peaceloving" liberal. And don't get me wrong, I consider myself conservative, but I do have "liberal" views, especially on equality, etc. Even one of my liberal friends asked me, "Aren't you a conservative? You seem very tolerant for a conservative" So what is my point? Don't use stereotypes.