Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stephen Asma - Hypocrite

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Stephen Asma recently wrote a NYT article extolling traditional Chinese medicine, for the common cold.  

"A few years ago, while visiting Beijing, I caught a cold. My wife, who is Chinese, and wanted me to feel better, took me to a local restaurant. After we sat down, she ordered a live turtle. The proprietors sent it over. I startled as the waiters unceremoniously cut the turtle’s throat, then poured its blood into a glass...The proprietor and waiters, now tableside, gestured with obvious pride for me to drink the potent medicine. I winced, found the courage, and drank up."
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Dr. Asma claims to be a Buddhist, having written Why I Am A BuddhistIf Dr. Asma was truly a Buddhist, he would have refused to let the turtle be tortured and killed. A true Buddhist would know the common cold is a virus, and lasts on average 72 hours. A true Buddhist would have taken Tylenol, and let the turtle live. He claims he felt better after this quackery. First, it's the placebo effect, and the virus dies out on its own. He would have felt better without any intervention.

Dr. Asma is a hypocrite.

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