Thursday, October 3, 2013

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Traditional Theatre

A Series - 2

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Part of TCM is the use of herbs, Chinese pharmaceuticals and animal parts. Animals like rhinos, elephants and tortoises are being hunted to extinction, to supply the insatiable Chinese market. Other animals, who were lucky enough to survive, are tortured for their blood, bile and organs. Chinese herbs and traditional pharmaceuticals are contaminated with heavy metals and harmful drugs. One common herbal supplement used in TCM is birthwort, a known carcinogen.

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TCM is more than theatre - it is deadly. TCM is more than harmless theatre - countless people have been fleeced of their earnings and savings, by the TCM equivalent of faith healers and televangelists.

My wife regularly came home with bruises after a "treatment" of TCM. One man during a "treatment" tried to rape her, telling her it was traditional Chinese medicine for infertility.

Whenever my wife told a TCM charlatan of my strenuous objections to what they were doing, or the money she was spending, the response in Mandarin was always 'He's a westerner and doesn't understand.' They then would tell her in Mandarin that she made a mistake to marry a Westerner. 'If you married a Chinese man, he would understand and help you.' Or, 'Why is your husband interfering?'

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
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