Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yoho: Traumatic Brain Injury

Yahoo Yoho kicked in head by cow

WASHINGTON, DC - According to Dr. Bill Frist, Ted Yoho has traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Frist made his diagnosis after viewing a video of Ted Yoho talking about President Obama's birth circumstances. Dr. Frist viewed the video in a Congressional hallway, while looking at an iPad.

"It's obvious," said Dr. Frist. "From his delusions about President Obama's birth in Hawaii, to his stem winding speeches about nullifying everything President Obama has done, I think just that first time Yoho was kicked in the head by a cow was all it took to affect his thinking and perception. Subsequent kicks in the head just made it worse." 

Dr. Frist gave as an example, "Yoho said he is supporting legislation to investigate Obama's birth certificate further because if it is true, “we can get rid of everything he’s done.”" Dr. Frist then said, "Yoho also holds the delusion “if it is true [that Obama wasn't born in the US], it’s illegal, he shouldn’t be there and we can get rid of everything he’s done, and I said I agree with that.”"

Dr. Frist then shook his head sadly. "A MRI would determine the extent of the trauma, and a treatment course could be prescribed. I offer my services to my colleague."


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