Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kelly Keisling Wins Asshole Award

New York Leftist is pleased to announce the winner of its coveted Asshole of the Moment™ award, is Tennessee Rep. Kelly Keisling (R-Mars).

Representative Keisling and his assistant Holt Witt are fine Xtian reptiles gentlemen, as confirmed by Holt Witt's salutation, "Something to think and PRAY about. Interesting times…Blessings"

Representative Keisling, and I use that honorific loosely, has openly wished for the assassination of our president. It's a new low in the tradition of US Representative Joe Wilson, from South Carolina's 2nd congressional district. Not surprisingly, he is also from a red state.

I firmly believe southern states should be allowed to secede. The nation's dental health would improve by 100%, overnight.

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